Jennifer Wynne Webber

Jennifer is an award-winning author whose writing credits include a critically acclaimed novel, multiple stage plays, television scripts, and more

Recently, she even successfully transformed a university professor’s academic research into a stirring stage play: WITH GLOWING HEARTS.

She also has top-notch research skills herself.  

Jennifer began her career in broadcast journalism as a researcher working on documentaries for CBC Television News. She has continued to hone her research skills to this day, most recently conducting complex and multi-faceted research for an ambitious SSHRC-funded research project housed at the University of Saskatchewan. Jennifer was also the researcher on Season 4 of the popular television drama, Coroner. So, whether it’s sleuthing through digital archives, hunting for genealogical information, finding (and deciphering) unusual scientific information, or tracking down people with important stories to tell about historical events, Jennifer can help.

Jennifer is also an experienced communications strategist, ready to help you with everything from managing your social media accounts to dreaming up creative and effective media campaigns.

After many years in newsrooms and communications offices, Jennifer clearly knows her way around a news release — and much more. She also understands you should never have to choose between speed and accuracy: the answer is always “both.”

In short, Jennifer is a versatile writer, a solid researcher, and an experienced communications strategist who knows how to write with impact for a myriad of media. 

Which means not only can she help you tell your story to best effect, she can help you choose the best medium for telling it.
(Maybe your memoir should actually be a news release
to promote your musical. Or vice-versa.)

Contact Jennifer today — to get YOUR STORY in front of the right audiences, at the right time.  

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And, hey, in case you like to see a certificate or two on the wall when you hire someone to do important work, Jennifer has both a graduate degree in Creative Writing (M.F.A. from the University of British Columbia) and an undergraduate degree in History (B.A. Honours from the University of Saskatchewan).

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“WITH GLOWING HEARTS”, 2016 (Photo: Michelle Berg / Saskatoon StarPhoenix)