Your Story Services – Jennifer Wynne Webber

A story worth telling…a story worth preserving…a story worth handing down through time…

That story is…YOUR STORY.

And Jennifer at YOUR STORY SERVICES is ready to help you tell it. 

Jennifer Wynne Webber is a skillful writer and television producer with a lengthy list of accomplishments in both fields. 

As a writer, her credits include a critically acclaimed novel, multiple stage plays, television scripts, and more. 

Through her career in broadcast journalism and communications, she has worked on award-winning TV shows and documentary features and amassed more than twenty-five years experience interviewing people and helping them tell their stories. 

Jennifer is ready to help you tell your story through:


    Book Jennifer for a relaxed and enjoyable interview recorded on video in the comfort of your own home.


    Looking for a writer? Jennifer is always open to taking on the right project, whether that’s a single freelance article or something larger. 


    Write your own story – with a bit of help. Jennifer has extensive, multi-genre writing experience she’s happy to share. Jennifer also loves visiting schools, groups, and clubs to talk to new and aspiring writers.